Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to currently be in recovery to join Bulldogs in Recovery?

There are no minimum recovery time requirements to join Bulldogs in Recovery. If you are willing to work towards establishing and maintaining sustained recovery the Introductory CRC Program is the perfect fit for you. The Introductory Program is designed to help students begin their recovery journeys. This is accomplished by providing new students with meetings, seminars, mentors, one-on-one meetings, the fellowship of the community, and connections on and off campus as needed.

I’m not in recovery but I want to get involved – can I?

Yes! Whether you are an ally, friend, family member, or someone who abstinence-based recovery isn’t the appropriate fit there are definitely plenty of ways to interface with us. If you are an ally and want to help raise awareness and positively impact campus, we have our Recovery Ally Program. If you want to help out with service projects our student organization, Mississippi State Students About Service (MSSAS), executes several projects throughout the year. Neither MSSAS nor the Recovery Ally Program are exclusive to students in recovery. If you are a family member or a friend seeking resources for a loved one, please reach out and we can connect you with resources on or off-campus! Beyond that check out our calendar of events for larger-scale open events such as Sober Tailgates or Fundraising Events!

How do I help out a friend or family member that is struggling with substance use or a process addiction?

Please refer them to us – we would love to be helpful in any way that we can, so please reach out and we will find them the resources they need. 

What are the minimum requirements of Bulldogs in Recovery?

Members of Bulldogs in Recovery are required to commit to establishing (or sustaining) abstinence-based recovery and are asked to attend seminar on Monday nights and Recovery Night which meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Beyond that we have several meetings and resources that most students find helpful to become involved with. 

Is there a GPA requirement to join Bulldogs in Recovery?

All student members must be in good standing with Mississippi State University in order to participate in our program as an official student member. All members of Bulldogs in Recovery who have 6 months or more of sustained recovery receive a scholarship for participating in the program – in order to keep that scholarship students are asked to maintain a 2.5 GPA. 

Do I have to apply for the Bulldogs in Recovery Scholarship?

You do not have to apply to receive the Bulldogs in Recovery Scholarship – all students with 6 months or more of sustained recovery automatically receive a scholarship for being a member of Bulldogs in Recovery.